Train Up Your Child

It is our job as parents to train up our children.  To dedicate them to the Lord, to teach them and instill discipline in them at a young age.  We are not only to point them in the right direction, but as Godly parents we are to show them by example how to arrive in the direction they have been pointed to. To merely walk in the right direction doesn’t mean that when you arrive the door will be opened to you.  It is also about how you walk in the right direction.  We are to have Godly Character and that character needs to be shown and passed down to our children.  We live in a society that says, “Do what I say, and not what I do.” I heard a quote a long time ago that is a constant reminder to me every day that my actions effect my children.  “What you do in moderation, your children will do in excess”.  This corrects me so many times and keeps my mind focused, even though I still fail sometimes.  But when we do this to the best of our ability and as God strengthens us, then the bible promises us  that when they are old that they will not turn aside or depart from that way.  They will not waver, or be tossed around by every other thing that tries to come in and confuse them.  They will understand the cost of the truth, if the truth has been taught to them and disciplined in them.  Many moderate Christians, if there is such a thing, think that one day a week of Sunday school will do it, in the area of fulfilling this scripture in Proverbs 22:6.  But the truth is that in order to fulfill this scripture, it is a daily walk. Training is an everyday thing.  Pray with your children, teach the bible to your children, and talk to your children about real, serious things.  Converse with them and ask them questions about what they think about biblical things as it relates to their daily life.  The job of training your children in the way they should go cannot be left up to the Sunday School Teacher for one hour a week.  This is our job as parents.  And when they are old and reach the destination, they will have not only walked in the right direction, but they will have done it the right way, the way they saw their parents do it, the way God has called them to.  Run this race well, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ so that you can please the one who has enlisted you as a soldier.